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Ara's wines are new, but our roots run deep. The fusion of old and new is a recurring theme with us. We grow our wines in young vineyards on ancient land, combine advanced ideas with time-honoured traditions, respect the past but are inspired by a sustainable vision of the future. You’ll see this old and new balance in everything we do.


Ara wines grow on a site which has amazing natural landforms. We have worked with these to benefit the estate, but in a way that’s environmentally ethical.

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The land will look after us if we look after the land. Simple as that. So we take care to keep the environmental footprint as small as possible.

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Making wine

Everything we do to make wine at Ara is informed by three fundamental beliefs.

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The Dart

The Dart is a real-life expression of commercial architecture’s leading edge. It demonstrates beautifully how functionality and efficiency can coexist with aesthetics and sustainability.

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The vineyard lies at the elevated end of the Wairau Valley in Marlborough, New Zealand. The vineyard gets all the beneficial climatic influences that have made the region’s wines world famous, plus some special advantages that are related to soil types and higher altitude.

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