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Looking after
our world.

The land will look after us if we look after the land. Simple as that. So we take care to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken to minimise environmental footprint.

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Certified sustainable winegrowing

All winegrowing activities at Ara are certified to be fully sustainable. We belong to Sustainable Winegrowing NZ, an initiative of the NZ Winegrowers Association, and we follow strict management principles to protect the environment. Methods and systems are revised regularly, so that we can continuously improve environmental performance.

Avoiding treated timber

Rather than the chemically-treated timber used for almost all New Zealand vineyards, we chose to use inert galvanised steel posts on the vineyard. With these posts, there is no danger of hazardous chemicals leaching into the earth.

Replanting native species

After years of intensive stock farming in Marlborough, the number and variety of local plant species have dwindled. Ara has worked to restore natural balance by removing exotic plants and deliberately planting native species.

Over the last few years, members of the Ara team have taken the trouble to grow cuttings of native plants around the vineyard blocks. Aside from their beauty, these native plants have lured native birds, such as the tui (pronounced ‘too-ee’) and waxeye, back to our part of the world.